Lavender Love

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Health-promoting combinations of wild-harvested and naturally grown herbs, pouring all their might in SuperTea Kombucha, a perfect blend or call it serendipity!

Delicious, fermented Herbal SuperTea, with benefits that extend beyond the gut-healing and detoxifying properties found in most Kombucha.
Infused with  unique Herbs & Spices.

  • Probiotics
  • 100% Natural (No Concentrates, Flavors or Extracts ever)
  • Infused with unique Herbs & Spices
  • Pure Herbs (Harvested at their peak, procured directly from the growers)
  • Low in Sugar
  • 5X more Antioxidants than Green Tea
  • Good source of Amino Acids, Digestive Enzymes
  • Helps with Detox, Weight Loss and Immunity

Looking to get a jump-start, relieve anxiety, detoxify the body, bounce back from a hangover, or simply relax and support your overall immune system, try our a kind, Herbal SuperTea, made with the finest ingredients, by mother nature.

Ingredients: Live Kombucha Culture (Yeast & Bacteria), Organic Green Tea, Organic herbs, Lavender flowers, Butterfly Blue Pea Flowers, Alkaline water, cane sugar& 100% Plant Love.