Kombucha Brewing 101: A Beginner's Guide

So you've heard about this kombucha craze and want to try brewing your batch? Great idea! Kombucha is a fermented tea that's bubbly, tangy, and full of gut-friendly probiotics. Making your kombucha at home is easy and rewarding. In just a week or so, you'll have a fizzy, homemade brew that's better than anything you can buy at the store. 

All you need are a few simple ingredients - tea, sugar, a SCOBY, and some patience. This guide will walk you through the basic steps so you can get started with kombucha brewing and join the ranks of homebrewers reaping the rewards of this delicious fermented beverage. Before you know it, you'll be a bona fide kombucha brewmaster.

Kombucha Brewing

Kombucha Brewing Basics: What You Need to Know to Get Started

To get started with kombucha brewing, you'll need a few essential supplies.


First up, you'll want a large glass jar for brewing and storing the kombucha. A gallon jar works well for most homebrewers. You'll also need a breathable cover, like a tightly woven cloth, coffee filter, or paper towel secured with a rubber band.

Tea and sugar

For the starter tea, you'll need black, green, or oolong tea bags or loose-leaf tea. Organic tea is best. You'll also need plain white sugar - about 1 cup of sugar for every 4 litres of tea.


The most important thing you need is a SCOBY - a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. You can get a SCOBY from a friend who brews booch or buy one online. Once you have your SCOBY, you'll need to feed it sweet tea to help it grow.

Other supplies

Other useful items include a funnel, measuring cups, a pitcher or bottles for bottling, and strainers. For flavouring your brew, try fresh or frozen fruit, juice, herbs, or spices.

With some basic equipment and ingredients, you'll be well on your way to brewing your homemade kombucha. The key is patience - it usually takes 7-14 days for the tea to ferment and the flavour to develop. But after a couple of batches, you'll be making kombucha like a pro!

Kombucha at Home

How to Brew Your First Batch of Kombucha at Home

To brew your first batch of kombucha at home, you'll need a few basic supplies. First, gather a large glass jar, a breathable cover, sweetened tea, a SCOBY, and a starter liquid.

Brew the Tea

Bring 4 cups of water to a boil, then remove from heat. Add 4 tea bags (black or green tea works well) and 4 tablespoons of sugar. Steep until cooled, then remove tea bags. Pour into your jar.

Add the SCOBY and Starter Liquid

Gently place your SCOBY into the jar, along with 1 to 2 cups of starter liquid from your last batch or the store. The SCOBY feeds on the sugar in the tea and ferments it into tangy kombucha.

Cover and Wait

Cover your jar with a breathable lid like cheesecloth or a coffee filter and secure with a rubber band. Place in a spot out of direct sunlight and wait 7 to 14 days for your kombucha to ferment and become bubbly. Check periodically to see if it's to your desired tartness.

Bottling and Flavouring (Optional)

Once fermented, carefully remove SCOBY. You can bottle some plain kombucha to drink, or get creative and add flavourings like fruit juice, herbs or spices. Bottle and refrigerate for a fizzy treat, or leave at room temp for a few days to build carbonation before chilling.

Enjoy your homemade 'booch - your gut and taste buds will thank you! Keep some starter liquid and your SCOBY for your next batch. The SCOBY can last for many batches if properly cared for. 

Best Kombucha Flavours

Kombucha flavours can make it even more delicious, in addition to providing numerous health benefits. Here are some of the Kombucha flavours from MountainTribe:

Lemon Gingerade Kombucha

Our Lemon Gingerade Kombucha is made with freshly juiced organic ginger root, which gives it a hot yet pleasant flavour. Because we value authenticity, our kombucha doesn't contain any preservatives. It is 100% natural. By adding unique herbs and spices and obtaining pure herbs in their prime straight from reliable growers, we raise the bar on the experience. 

Not only does our recipe taste great, but it's also quite healthy, including five times the antioxidants of green tea and a shockingly low sugar level. Our Gingerade Kombucha, enhanced with amino acids and digestive enzymes, supports weight loss, detoxification, and immune strengthening with every drink, creating a revitalizing voyage towards well-being.

Hibiscus Lime Kombucha

Our Hibiscus Lime Kombucha is exceptional compared to other Kombucha alternatives because of its immune-strengthening, energy-boosting, and cleansing properties. Savour the flavour of Hibiscus Lime, a wonderful blend that combines the benefits of lime with hibiscus flowers. 

This drink offers probiotics, all-natural ingredients free of concentrates. A premium quality beverage is guaranteed by the pure herbs, which are directly sourced from growers. 

Lavender Love Kombucha

Savour the unmatched goodness of Lavender Kombucha, a fermented tea that surpasses expectations. Brimming with antioxidants, this stomach-friendly brew has many advantages over other kombuchas on the market, including an increased level of energy and an excellent nutritional value. 

With its mouthwatering flavour and expertly blended lavender and butterfly blue pea essence, Lavender Love Kombucha entices the senses. Enjoy this temptation in a cup and boost your defenses with the real, unadulterated scent of lavender.


So there you have it, a crash course in kombucha brewing. Now you've got all the basics down and you're ready to start your first batch. Don't worry if it seems complicated at first. Once you get going, you'll find kombucha is quite easy to make and the rewards are well worth the effort. Your gut and wallet will thank you.

Home kombucha brewing allows you to control exactly what goes into your book and saves you a ton of money versus buying pre-made bottles. Give it a try, be patient through the process, and in a couple of weeks you'll have your very own homemade kombucha to enjoy for health and taste. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1: How do I start kombucha brewing at home?

To start brewing kombucha, obtain a SCOBY, tea, and sugar, and follow a simple fermentation process. Find detailed instructions online or in brewing kits.

2: What is lemon ginger kombucha?

Lemon ginger kombucha is a refreshing variation infused with zesty lemon and spicy ginger, offering a delightful twist to the traditional kombucha flavour.

3: Can I make a kombucha lemon drink at home?

Absolutely! Create a kombucha lemon drink by adding fresh lemon juice to your homemade or store-bought kombucha for a citrusy and tangy experience.

4: Where can I find organic ginger kombucha?

Look for organic ginger kombucha at Mountaintribe, where you’ll find kombucha drinks with high-quality ingredients without any preservatives. 

5: What makes kombucha ginger drink popular?

The Kombucha ginger drink is popular for its unique blend of probiotics, the spiciness of ginger, and the health benefits associated with both ingredients. It's a flavourful and invigorating choice.