Mission and Vision

We are a community of passionate people who are collectively building a new future for the food and beverage industry and we are committed to creating a lasting positive impact in the lives of every individual.

This is a rejuvenating time and we are on a collaborative mission and belief that the transformation of food starts with individuals, and as a group, we can create powerful movements that will influence every part of our food supply chain. We endeavour to make it healthful not only for individuals but for our community.

We are on a mission to increase the quality of people's lives by bringing accessible, healthy, sustainable foods and beverages that taste amazing.

We are a brand of Kombucha, the world's oldest and healthiest fermented beverage.

But we're not just here to make great kombucha; our mission is to cultivate a thriving community of curious and passionate people supporting other like-minded individuals in their quest for health and happiness.