Mountain Tribe brings together your healthy gut partner Tribe Kombucha with the power of fermentation and organic ingredients to deliver the benefits beyond gut-healing and detoxifying properties.

Kombucha, a sparkling probiotic drink which is an alternative to all those unhealthy mixtures infused with exotic herbs and spices. In the making of Kombucha is a fun process which requires patience and knowledge, we  combine ancient wisdom with modern techniques to create unparalleled health benefits in every bottle.

We want to be on the wishlist for every person out there looking for a  probiotic, nutritious, effervescent beverage. Initiate your kombucha consumption and enjoy the experience with 5 amazing available flavours that are crafted to the highest standards of purity and authenticity. Also fulfilling exactly what your body needs and craves for.

We are on a mission to improve the quality of people’s lives by bringing accessible, healthy and sustainable foods and beverages that not only taste amazing but also offer a bunch of health benefits.