Top 5 Popular Kombucha Flavours in India

Kombucha, a fermented tea that has been popular for generations, is now widely consumed due to its perceived health benefits. Kombucha's versatility as a beverage allows you to experiment with different flavours until you find one you love. This article will show you popular kombucha flavours in India: ginger, pineapple, strawberry, apple, and orange. If you try these recipes, you can find new flavours and health benefits.

Popular Kombucha Flavours in India

What's Kombucha?

Kombucha is a bubbly drink that is both sweet and sour. It is made using tea. People have reported positive effects on a wide range of health issues, from hair loss to cancer and AIDS. There isn't much research to back up the claims, but the drink still might have some health benefits.

Kombucha has existed for almost 2,000 years. It was made in China first and then went to Japan and Russia. It became popular in Europe in the early 1900s. Sales are increasing because people think it's a healthy and energising drink.

Kombucha Ingredients

Kombucha is made using just three ingredients: yeast, sugar, and black tea. The ingredients are combined and then left to sit for a week or longer. At that time, some bacteria and acids are created in the drink, along with a little bit of alcohol. The fermentation process is used to preserve cabbage in the form of sauerkraut and kimchi, and it is also used to transform milk into yoghurt.

A symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) is the film that forms on top of the liquid as a result of the presence of these bacteria and acids. You can use a SCOBY to make more kombucha by fermenting it. The lactic acid bacteria found in kombucha can help the body digest food better. Kombucha has lots of B vitamins.

Why Do People Add Flavours To Kombucha?

The initial fermentation of basic kombucha tastes acidic and slightly sweet, similar to sour sparkling apple cider or ginger ale, without any additional flavours added. We always give kombucha one more fermentation to give it more flavour and carbonation, even though it may be enjoyed at this point.

5 Popular Kombucha Flavours In India

A healthful, probiotic-rich beverage, kombucha, can be made at home, and the process is both enjoyable and thrilling. You can find these kombucha online India or make them at home. It's a fun experience where you can try different flavours and find the perfect combination you like.

Here are the 5 popular kombucha flavours in India:

1. Lemon Ginger Kombucha:

Lemon ginger kombucha is a popular type of kombucha with a trendy flavour. Lemon and ginger make the kombucha taste tangy and refreshing, and they might be good for your health, too. 

Lemon has lots of vitamin C, and ginger is good for reducing inflammation and helping with digestion. When you mix these two flavours with the probiotics in kombucha, you get a yummy and possibly good-for-you drink. It's really simple to make your own lemon ginger kombucha.

First, you have to make a batch of regular kombucha. When the kombucha is done, put in lemon juice and ginger to make it taste better. If this still seems difficult, don't worry. Try lemon gingerade kombucha from the best kombucha brands in India like Mountain Tribe. It has freshly juiced ginger roots for a zesty delight.

2. Pineapple Kombucha:

Pineapple kombucha is a tasty and good-for-you drink that anyone can like. This kombucha flavour is made with pineapple juice, so it has a little bit of sweetness and sourness. If you want a healthy drink that has lots of probiotics and tastes really good, give pineapple kombucha a try.

Today, you can find pineapple kombucha in lots of stores, but it's also simple to make it yourself at home. You can make tasty pineapple kombucha at home using a few supplies and some patience.

3. Strawberry Kombucha:

This strawberry kombucha is made with fresh strawberries, giving it a sweet and tangy taste. It's a refreshing twist on the classic fermented tea drink, with a bubbly texture and a delicious fruity flavour. Strawberry kombucha makes your taste buds happy and is a yummy and good-for-you part of your everyday life.

Whether you enjoy it to feel refreshed or share it with friends, this tasty drink is a great choice for both kombucha lovers and beginners.

4. Apple Cinnamon Kombucha:

Apple cinnamon kombucha is a yummy version of the regular fermented tea drink. It mixes the cosy taste of cinnamon with the refreshing sweetness of apples. This special mix of flavours makes a calming and refreshing drink, great for sipping when it's cold or whenever you want a comforting and energising beverage.

5. Orange Kombucha:

Orange kombucha is a tasty twist on the classic fermented tea drink. It combines the tangy flavour of oranges with the bubbly goodness of kombucha. This colourful and refreshing drink is great for sipping on a sunny day or whenever you want a tasty citrusy drink.

Benefits of Drinking Kombucha for Your Health

Kombucha tea is really good for your gut health. It helps balance the good and bad bacteria and adds healthy bacteria to your digestive system. This helps make the immune system stronger, which keeps the body safe from various health problems.

Kombucha made with green tea leaves can help burn fat naturally. So, Kombucha tea helps with weight management by making the body burn stored fat better. When your metabolism speeds up, it makes you burn more calories and helps you lose weight.

Every health condition, like heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, allergies, and respiratory problems such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), always have signs of organ inflammation.

A study found that after 30 days, rats with diabetes experienced a positive effect from drinking kombucha. The study also showed that their liver and kidney function improved. We need to do more research, but the results show that kombucha might be helpful for treating diabetes along with other methods like losing weight, eating healthy, exercising, taking pills, and using insulin.

Final Thoughts

These are the most Popular kombucha flavours in India. You can add different flavours to your homemade kombucha in many ways, and it's easy to do. You can combine flavours in any way you can think of. Lots of people are drinking it more now because they think it helps their stomach and can make them feel better if they're sad, can't poop, or have swelling.

Try 100% authentic kombucha from our store, Mountain Tribe. It is one of the best kombucha brands in India from where you can buy kombucha online. We blend old wisdom with cutting-edge technology to create products with exceptional health benefits.


1. What is Kombucha and its history?

Kombucha is a type of tea that has been fermented. Some people believe it may have health benefits, but there isn't much scientific evidence to support these claims. It started in China almost 2,000 years ago and then became popular in Japan, Russia, and Europe in the 20th century. Now, many people in the United States like it a lot.

2. What are the basic Kombucha ingredients?

Kombucha is made by fermenting yeast, sugar, and black tea for a week. This process makes kombucha that has good bacteria called lactic acid bacteria and important B vitamins.

3. Why flavour Kombucha?

Regular kombucha tastes tangy and a little bit sweet. Adding flavours during a second fermentation makes the taste and dizziness better. Making your kombucha taste the way you want it is simple and fun.

4. What are the potential health benefits of Kombucha?

Kombucha can help your gut, make your immune system stronger, help you manage your weight, and reduce inflammation. Scientists are still studying it, but it looks like it could help with conditions like diabetes.